Mccosmetics Magic Champagne



Magic champagne contains active ingredients which provide an intensive, antiaging treatment with an immediate effect. They stimulate the organism defense mechanisms to fight effectively the factors that accelerate skin aging.

At the same time, it provides exfoliating properties that allow deep skin cleansing, removing any dead cells and closed pores. It dramatically reduces the appearance of redness, sun spots and acne scars.

During the treatment sessions the skin becomes visibly younger, smooth and uniform. Wrinkles and fine lines fade, reducing skin imperfections. The result is a rejuvenated, glowing skin.

Main characteristics & effects

Express triple action treatment, with Tartaric acid, Ascorbic acid and Sodium Bicarbonate, that get activate with Vit.C liquid serum creating an effervescent peeling reaction with gentle mechanical stimulation, then it is converted to a powder cover mask for a firming and glowing effect.

Additional information

Product category: Professional
1 x humidify spray (50ml)
5 x champagne mask (6ml)
5 x prof. vit. c (5ml)
5 x serum solution (5ml)
Routine step: Treatment
Frequency: 1 application every week | 5 sessions recommended
Type of skin: All skin types
Treatment area: Face
Recommended: Expression lines and wrinkles, ideal for special events, wedding days, new year celebrations.


1. Cleanse and tone the skin;
2. Apply the humidify spray to moisture the skin;
3. Apply uniformly the champagne mask on the skin;
4. Apply vitamin C on the top of the powder, massage gently and leave it for 15 minutes;
5. Remove the mask with cold water and serum solution until the skin is totally cleansed;
6. End by applying shiny cream and sun block 50+.

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