ThinSteal Natural Aesthetic Essence



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Box (10ml x 5 vials) 

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Thin Steal is advanced NAIS (Natural Anti-Inammatory System) complex to reduce excess fat in which the mechanism mimics the body’s natural fat-absorption process. To make lipolysis solutions with strong effect and safe ingredients, research and experiments have been continued for many years since 2012.



Fat in the desired area can be selectively removed and it is semipermanent.

Collagen regeneration and elasticity improvement.

Improved blood and lymph circulation helps fat breakdown, brightens the face and reduces swelling.


It reduces fat in the subcutaneous layer and helps collagen.

Regeneration to gain elasticity while slimming.


Adipocytes are destroyed, giving a slimming effect.

Adipocyte is destroyed and the effect is semi-permanent.


With 0% steroid, there is no menstrual inconsistency or skin atrophy.

Excluding PPC component minimize swelling and bruising after procedure.

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