AAPE Continuous Renewal Mask 10 Sheets x 30ml



This is a mask which helps make skin healthy and clear. Biocellulose mask containing stem cell culture and peptide plant extracts adhere closely to skin to provide relieving and hydrating effects.


  • A super-simple bio-cellulose nourishing mask for intensive care
  • Helping the intensive care nutrition mask
  •  Stem cell culture medium containing cosmetics

Bio-cellulose is the translucent gel which produced from natural fruit by bio-technology. This material has unique 3D networks, which is breathable, water-proof and skin-friendly. The main functional component of this material is a cellulose with a diameter of 20nm, the finest fibre in nature. It was also studied that masks made from bio-cellulose can be closely contacted with skin so that those mask users can enjoy dramatic improvement of skin. The 3D structure of bio-cellulose also helps all kinds of nutritional solution cross the epidermis, which is similar functional additivities, the bio-cellulose can be made for brightening, moisturizing efficacies.

Purpose: Skin Brightening/Skin Protectant

Indication and Usage:

  1. Single use only.
  2. Do not put in extremely hot or cold places or where exposed to direct sunlight

Dosage and Administration:

After cleansing the face, apply gently onto the face, remove the mask after 30-60 minutes as the ingredients in the mask will be fully absorbed. After removing the mask, gently tap and try to absorb into the skin.

For best results, use 1-2 times weekly.

Active ingredients: Niacinamide 2.00%

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