Blossom TriFluence



Blossom TriFluence

Blossom Lights for Bioharmonic Photonic Wave Therapy

Blossom TriFluence – the flex panel for BioHarmonic Photonic Wave Therapy (B-PwT, pronounced “bee-put”) is the culmination  of over a decade of research and experience with Low Level LASER and Light Emitting Diode technologies in both medical and cosmetic settings. TriFluence radiates blue, red, and near infrared light in clinically effective doses, and at a proprietary bioharmonic frequency for maximum bio-stimulation, collagen production, pain relief and wound healing. With a maximum power output of over 60 m/W per centimeter squared on the skin, TriFluence delivers light doses that were once available only in medical grade devices, and levels 10x higher than popular competitors.

Why does it matter?

Time! We all know that red, blue, and infrared light therapy is not necessarily all about power. It’s more about the color of the light. But more power delivers more light to deeper tissues faster. So with TriFluence a minimum treatment time of just 5 minutes produces photo-biomodulation and visible results.

TriFluence also works to activate and penetrate topicals and ingredients applied via sheet mask as it has the power to penetrate masks and even clothing to provide pain relief, disinfection, release ingredients, and enhance absorption.

It will also make time in your clinic by helping you build in “free time”, “catch up time”, and even “get-ahead time!” Let Blossom Red take any client on a wonderfully iridescent healing, rejuvenating journey for up to 60 minutes, while you are freed up for other duties. They get better skin, you get more time in the day! Blossom Red is Hands-Free!

Order Blossom TriFluence right here, and employ next generation diode technology for broader expression of the purest wavelengths. Our AMERICAN factory produces LED technology for the military, medical and forensic specialties, meaning we have access to the highest quality, and most sophisticated technology. TriFluence’s rugged design can keep up with even the busiest team of practitioners, or that practitioner “on the go!”

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