PMUP Numit Anesthetic



Numit Anesthetic 15cc container

Numit is an incredible liquid topical anesthetic that can be used to numb any area. This numbing liquid is highly recommended for mid-procedure application during any procedure – even eyeliner! Add it to any pigment cap for machines or microblading.


Topical analgesic * for topical used only

For Licensed Professional Use Only


Application Instructions

  • Use anesthesia after skin has been broken
  • Apply with a micro-brush anesthesia applicator

Success is relative to the individual pain tolerance. Avoid Contact with eyes, flush with sterile eye solution.

Contains: Ethyl Alcohol, Benzocaine USP, Propylene Glycol, Lidocaine USP, Tetracaine.


Numit is a contraindicated in persons with any know / Unknown allergies or sensitivities to local analgesics / aesthetics containing any CAINE product or derivative and epinephrine. If any allergy reaction occurs STOP application immediately and contact a physician. Use this product at your own risk. Despite constant efforts to ensure that this product meets the highest standards of quality and purity, application off this product on certain individuals may cause an allergy reaction due the sensitivity of the individual. The company specifically disclaims any responsibility for the allergy reaction of any individual to whom this product is applied to whether implied by a warranty of merchantability or fitness for purpose or otherwise, where there is no history of tolerance to the product. Consultation with a physician before usage of this product is strongly recommended.

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